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Suppliers & customers

Supplier management: 
To achieve a fair deal and the win-win goal with suppliers, on the premise of according with the requirements of "three lines of defense" of food safety (i.e., supplier qualification inspecting, supplier on-site evaluation and food safety testing), our company selects the suppliers with high quality and good management to cooperate with in an open and transparent way.

In the management of suppliers, our company still adheres to the people-oriented principle and has formed a fairly perfect supplier management system from energy conservation, environmental protection, simplicity and efficiency. 

Customer management:
Changzhou Huixin treats every customer equally, regardless of the number of orders. Any products left from Changzhou Huixin can withstand the test, and with excellent quality, perfect quality tracking control system and consistent pre-sales and after-sales services, we treat every customer sincerely.

Visit the customers regularly, listen to the customers’ suggestions with an open mind and grow together with the customers!

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