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Changzhou Huixin upholds the human resources philosophy of meritocracy, cultivating the excellent talents overall from the selecting, educating and retaining to provide important supports for the rapid development of the enterprise. By setting up the flat organization, professional division of labor management and standardized operation process, etc., the company guarantees the organization's quick decision-making ability. 

In the staff selection, Changzhou Huixin provides every employee with a platform for fair competition and talent show based on the scientific selection mechanism; also equips with the mechanism of perfect promotion and talent training, etc., to build the base and pile up the stones for the career development of the employees. 

Changzhou Huixin adopts the systematic compensation and welfare system, and when getting integrated into the industry level, provides the corresponding incentive mechanism, creates a healthy competitive environment, and motivates the team stably and effectively, pays the social insurance and housing subsidies, etc. for the employees according to the law, hoping to enhance the well-being of employees in the work and life through the perfect welfare supports. 

In addition, our company pays particular attention to the career development of the employees and the promotion of well-being to meet the needs of the staff's self-development and self-achievement, and provides various forms of training, such as internal training, external training and public courses, etc. to constantly improve the staff’s professional ability. If the professional certificates are obtained, the company will offer subsidies and supports to guarantee the employees’ learning motivation. Also for the promotion of well-being, our company organizes the annual parent-child interactive training, and additionally, there are other supporting interactive activities like the outing, dinner and collaborative learning, etc. 

In the links of recruiting talents, training talents and respecting talents, etc., Changzhou Huixin always adheres to the people-oriented philosophy and commits to give full play to the potentials of human resources, to achieve the goals of giving full scope to the talents and their capabilities, urging the staff to grow and create a better future together the company! 

Contact information of Human Resources Department: 

Mr. Zhu 13358172287 

Mr. Niu 13685209736